See the Flipper USB in action!

Click on the image to watch Josh demonstrate Flipper USB!.

End the frustration of broken USB connectors and end-user support issues by switching to Flipper USB connectors for your products.

Flipper USB® by UltraTek®

Is the way USB should be.

A dual set of super reliable, gold plated contacts, provides excellent connectivity for thousands of repeated connects and disconnects.
Available in USB Type "A" SMT and cable mounted configurations, Flipper USB is designed to plugged in either right side up or upside down removing the frustration of having to study the computer USB port just to plug in your USB device. Designed for simplicity, convenience and reliability, the Flipper USB connector will provide added value to your USB product at at a price competitive with your current USB type "A" plugs.

Customer Satisfaction:
- Minimize troubleshooting.Redundant connections are a standard feature.
- Reduce the possibility of expensive broken USB connectors on your device or the computer.
- Simplify your product usage for the benefit of end-users.


Free Samples

Free Flipper USB sample connectors to qualified OEM's.
Sample of FlipperUSB current users:

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