Flipper USB Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What is the Flipper USB?

A. Flipper USB is our new invention which allows end-users to plug their USB devices into the computer in either way. Flipper USB is 100% compatible with existing Type "A" USB connectors, commonly found on today's P.C.'s.

Q. Is Flipper USB on the computer or on the peripheral device?

A. It's not on the computer, Flipper USB connector is on the peripheral devices and cables or dongles.

Q. Why not make the computer connector a "Flipper USB"?

A. The Flipper is a plug type connector. The socket connector on the computer is more complicated and would require more engineering and higher cost. There are Millions of computers already being used which have the USB socket connectors on them and they will be around a long time.

Q. Do you guys make adapters that convert the regular USB to a Flipper USB?

A. Yes, they will be in production soon. The adapter will work with and standard USB Type "A" cable or dongle and they become a Flipper USB.

Q. Why it is so difficult to plug my regular USB Flash Drive into my computer?

A. Good question.
  1. The regular USB connectors are rectangular and symmetrical shaped. There is no obvious marking (not like cables that have a USB logo) to tell which side is which.
  2. You have to "see" both the connectors and then you will be able to make a decision. Forcing the connector can result in expensive repairs.
  3. The plug on your USB Flash Drive, for example, is quite long, so even you are in the right orientation, you have to push in at a near perfect angle.
  4. Some computer manufacturers, such as Dell have a tilted USB connector which is even worse.

Q. How did my friend damage their computer while she was trying to insert the USB Flash Drive?

A. This happens a lot, it is not entirely her fault. The socket end of the USB connector (on the computer) is "keyed" to match the plug to try and prevent wrong way insertions and the keys are made of soft plastic. So when she pushes in the wrong orientation and the 2 keys hit each other with enough force that the "floating" socket "key" is broken apart. This is a typical case on the computer side. Sometimes the neck of the plug USB end breaks as well. The USB connectors are directly tied to the computer's power supply so when brute force breaks the connector, it may also (very likely) short-out the power to ground and damage the computer.

Q. Is Flipper USB going to cost me more?

A. No. Flipper pricing is competitive with standard USB connectors.

Q. Why doesn't the USB Implementers Forum, Inc. (USB-IF) support Flipper USB?

A. The Flipper USB is a different connector, but 100% compatible with standard USB connectors. And they probably didn't think of it!

Q. Are you guys going to do a 3.0 Flipper USB?

A. YES, we are considering it but it is more complicated and it will take some time.

Q. My mom is 90 years old; she has hard time to use the regular USB. Do you think she can handle the Flipper USB?

A. YES! we believe she can.

Q. My brother is legally blind; do you think he can use the Flipper USB?

A. Definitely YES! With the Flipper USB you don't have to see it but you do have to know where it is on the computer. Just feel the connector on your computer and gently push the Flipper USB in "either way". A big plus for the disabled.

Q. Flipper is nice to use, how about the reliability and durability of the Flipper USB?

A. Better than you think. Our Flipper uses FR4 (fiber glass) as the substrate carrier of the conductive pins. The pins are made of 2 oz copper with gold plating. Unlike the regular USB which uses soft plastic (ABS) to carry their pins. In addition to the strong substrate, the Flipper USB has 2 sets of connectors (works either way), one on top and the other one on the bottom. So in the case of wear and tear, corrosion or other mishaps, you have a backup side to use without loss of data or connection.

Q. Can we use your Flipper USB in our life support system?

A. The Flipper USB is not specified for life support systems.

Q. When will the Flipper USB products be available?

A. Soon, we are in production now. We are in discussion with some major retail stores to carry our products.

Q. Is your Flipper USB a greener product than regular USB?

A. YES, we use half the plastic and less metal than standard USB connectors. We are very eco-friendly and RoHS compliant as well!

Q. Who is UltraTek?

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